Their Story

The story started when three of them (amongst them a former engineer, lawyer and air stewardess) got interested in the cold pressed organic juicing trend in California after a chance encounter with Drew Barrymore at an organic juice bar in Beverly Hills back in early 2013.

The former food junkie of them tried a 3-day beginners’ juice cleanse out of curiosity and that sparked a whole new love for the juicing lifestyle. She was pleasantly surprised by the convenience and ease at which the juices introduced essential nutrients to her body and how crucially it shifted her mindset towards a healthier lifestyle within days.

However, it was not easy to get good quality organic cold pressed juices locally at that time, so they started turning their pantry into a makeshift juice kitchen to create their own juices. After months of juicing and trying to convince friends and family to do the same, they decided to set their sights a little higher, with the aim of making premium raw, organic, cold pressed juices available and accessible to everyone in Singapore.